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 Universal disinfectant "Crystal"

Price per 1l. - 690.00 UAH.


The composition of the funds.

didecyldimethylammonium chloride - 7.0%; N, N - bis - (3-aminopropyl) dodecylamine - 10.0%; polyhexamethylene biguanide hydrochloride - 3.0%; surface-active substance; corrosion inhibitor; perfume; water - up to 100.0%.


Physicochemical characteristics.

Disinfectant "Crystal" is a clear liquid with a faint odor of perfume. The product has good detergent and deodorant properties, is readily soluble in water, it does not spoil the processed objects do not discolor the fabric, does not fix organic pollution, does not cause corrosion of metals. The tool retains its properties after freezing and subsequent thawing. Work aids solutions are not combustible, fire and explosion. The tool is not compatible with soaps and anionic surfactants. Allowed disinfectants in aerosol form.


Universal disinfectant "Crystal", is used for disinfection and cleaning of surfaces in premises, equipment, tools, etc. TLDs endoscopes, sterilization of medical products, disinfection of waste, shoes, ventilation and air conditioning, swimming pools and other water conservancy facilities, decontamination content storage tanks autonomous toilets, etc., in health - care and other institutions. The tool is recommended for use in the food processing industry, institutions restaurant industry and trade, municipal -bytovyh, nurseries and other public places, disinfection of transport, as well as in the home and for the decontamination of certain food products. Other areas of application in accordance with guidelines and instructions on the use of funds.

The spectrum of antimicrobial action.

Disinfectant "Crystal" has antimicrobial properties against gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria (including Mycobacterium tuberculosis), virucidal activity (including adenoviruses, influenza viruses, parainfluenza and other pathogens of acute respiratory infections, polioviruses, enteroviruses, rotaviruses, viruses of enteral and parenteral hepatitis, herpes , SARS, avian and swine influenza, HIV -infektsii etc.), fungicidal (including fungi of the genus candida and dermatophytes, molds, etc.), sporicidal activity, activity against nosocomial pathogens infections.

The main advantages of "Crystal" means.

1. The tool is an environmentally responsible disinfectant (means low toxicity (does not contain aldehydes, chlorine and other toxic components), all with working solutions funds may be carried out without hand protection rubber gloves, surface treatment can be carried out in premises without respiratory protection and in the presence of patients and personnel are no allergic reactions, means working solutions have sensitizing and irritating to the skin, in concentrations of up to 2% - and the mucous of the eye).
2 Is a highly effective disinfectant agent (agent is effective at very low concentrations of the drug in the working solution, has a wide spectrum of antimicrobial activity (including sporicidal activity) has an extremely wide field of use, effective in severe contamination (protein load, blood contamination, feces, etc.)).
3. The tool is highly economical disinfectant (vehicle retains antimicrobial activity at very low concentrations - up to 0.01%, the cost of 1 liter of working solution is more advantageous, even in comparison with chlorine preparations, you can use the working tools solutions multiple times, which significantly reduces the cost per treatment) .
4. The tool is a high quality disinfectant (for the means of production are used only high-quality components of well-known Western European manufacturers agent has good detergent and deodorant properties, is readily soluble in water, does not spoil the processed objects not discolor fabrics, does not fix organic pollution, does not cause corrosion of metals) .
5. The tool is comfortable to use disinfectant (available in a convenient bottle with a handle in the form of a clear liquid - concentrate has a pleasant mild smell, good cleaning properties, does not require specific security measures can optionally be equipped with a dosing pump).

The minimum effective concentration and economic indicators.

mode of use



Cost of 1 liter.
working solution

1 Disinfection of surfaces by bacteria (except TB) infection 0,01%     0,02% 90min  60min 6,9penny  13,8penny
2 Surface disinfection of tuberculosis 0,25% 60min 173penny
3 Surface disinfection in poliomyelitis 0,1% 60min 69penny
4 Surface disinfection with candidiasis 0,1% 60min 69penny
5 Surface disinfection with ringworm 0,25% 90min 173penny
6 Surface disinfection in lesions by fungi 0,1%         0,2% 30min  15min 69penny  138penny
7 Disinfection is not combined with to sterilization treatment medical devices for any infections 0,25%       0,5% 60min  30min 1,73UAH   3,45UAH
8 Disinfection combined with to sterilization treatment medical devices for any infections 0,25%       0,5% 60min  30min 1,73UAH   3,45UAH
9 To sterilization treatment is not combined with disinfection of medical devices for any infections 0,01%     0,02% 90min  60min 6,9penny   13,8penny
10 High-level disinfection of endoscopes 3,0% 15min 20,7UAH
11 Sterilization of health care products 2,5% 60min 17,25UAH