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Виробництво сучасних засобів дезінфекції

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Універсальний дезінфікуючий засіб "Кристал"

(044) 227-70-50, (067) 352-52-02, (050) 843-65-28

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Universal disinfectant "Crystal"

Price per 1l. - 690.00 UAH.

          It is used for disinfection and cleaning of surfaces in premises, equipment, tools, etc. TLDs endoscopes, sterilization of medical products, disinfection of waste, shoes, ventilation and air conditioning, swimming pools and other water conservancy facilities, decontamination content storage tanks and self-contained toilets etc., in health - care and other institutions. The tool is recommended for use in the food processing industry, institutions restaurant industry and trade, communal - household, children, and other public places, disinfection of transport, as well as in the home and for the decontamination of certain food ......

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