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Виробництво сучасних засобів дезінфекції

Лише західно-європейські складові

Контроль якості на всіх стадіях виробництва

Універсальний дезінфікуючий засіб "Кристал"

(044) 227-70-50, (067) 352-52-02, (050) 843-65-28

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Our history



Our company operates in the market of disinfectants in 2007, and has established itself as a reliable partner among many private companies and government agencies. By 2011, we were engaged only in trade disinfectants. In May 2011, the company completely changed its image, we have created a new entity, a new brand, started the development and introduction of the new "Crystal" universal and highly effective disinfectant. In 2011, own laboratory was set up, reached an agreement on cooperation with several scientific - research institutions to develop disinfectants "Crystal". In September 2012, we completed the procedure of state registration of our first disinfectants. In 2016 we began to develop our own line of disinfectants.

Our present

Today the company has its own production and chemical laboratory that allows to control the quality at all stages of development and production of our products. We employ highly qualified specialists. We provide delivery of our products to any point of Ukraine as soon as possible. To manufacture our products using only high quality raw materials of European producers, which guarantees the quality of the finished end product.

Our future

Our main activities are the development, production and introduction of new hi-tech, high-performance and highly efficient disinfectants, improvement of the internal quality control system of our products, as well as advice and training of staff of various institutions on the use of modern disinfectants.

Our products are:

- High disinfection within a short time of exposure;
- A low concentration of working solutions;
- excellent washing effect;
- protection tools from corrosion;
- The lack of aggressive action on the equipment and the surface of various materials;
- absence of allergic reactions among staff;
- High environmental friendliness of products (we do not use toxic components such as aldehydes or "bleach");
- The official registration and a whole set of required documentation;
- low prices and, consequently, save your money;
- Permanent shares and flexible system of discounts.