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Dear guests,

Welcome to our website!

In modern conditions of each enterprise tries to optimize their spending, including on health measures, but without loss of quality indicators of their own products. It does not matter, it's meat processing plant or a supermarket, a hospital or a car "fast", wherever there is a need to carry out sanitary - disinfection measures, the relevant company would like to hold them as cheaply as possible, quickly and without stopping the "production" process

Why is it important for you?

We are sure that you are now looking for a solution for your business, so you know that businesses and organizations that ignore the issues of sanitation and disinfection, as well as those that are used are too expensive and low effective means risking to lose competitiveness of own products and ultimately leave the market. And in the public sector (hospitals, clinics, etc.) for verification, such as switchgear, the appropriate personnel can be held and personal responsibility.

How to find the right solution?

Reduce the cost of sanitation and disinfection measures is only possible using modern low-cost liter of working solution. At the same time, these funds must be sufficiently low toxicity to "manufacturing" process is stopped short or did not stop at all.

Where do you find such a tool?

Today on the market a variety of means, some of them are quite modern. There are, for example, the cheapest means of chlorine, but they are toxic enough to cause acute irritation of the eyes and respiratory system. There are quite low toxic agents using QAC, for example benzalkonium chloride, but their effectiveness, and hence the price per liter of working solution is not competitive. Until now, the market there are very expensive and toxic medications that uses glutaraldehyde, their use is now doubtful, even for chemical sterilization. In general, the majority of imported products on the market, so the price can not be cheap, and competitive. Perhaps you have already tried a "list" means and can call them on their own pros and cons.
We have long been working on disinfectants market and we know that each of them has its drawbacks. So today we offer you a means of its own production.

Why Crystal?

Disinfectant "Crystal" is a low-toxic (without aldehyde without chlorine, without allergic agent which can be used in the presence of people and including children without PPE), has a wide spectrum of action (the agent is effective for surfaces and instruments against mildew, tuberculosis, and avian flu, hepatitis, herpes, HIV and so exhibits sporicidal activity, including sterilization mode), has a prolonged action.

And the most important thing.

Crystal is the cheapest and most economical means in the Ukrainian market!

The price of 1 liter. working solution of 6,9 kopecks. by bacterial infection, 69 kopecks. by treatment of the mold, and for the sterilization of the whole 17,25 UAH.

This is the lowest price in Ukraine!

And despite the fact that our tool is made using only Western components, ie, the "Crystal" - a low-cost and high-quality vehicle at a time.

Universal disinfectants "Crystal" is registered in the prescribed manner and has all the necessary documents. Efficiency means repeatedly tested both in hospitals and laboratories, as well as in food processing plants. Our partners are the hospitals, food processing plants, supermarkets and a number of other enterprises and organizations that have benefited from our facility.

We offer you the experience and "Crystal" of domestic production at the enterprise and see for yourself the quality, effectiveness and efficiency.